I might be coming back to share my adventures and new challenges. This new season in my life is going to be very challenging, but God is going to blow my mind.

I’ve moved 7 hours away from southern corn fields and pig pickin’s to the big city of Atlanta. Second largest business capital in the nation. Home of Passion City Church. Home of Northpoint Church. Home of Mt Paran Central. Oddly enough, from a church of 1200 members to now a church of merely 60 members; 50 more than when the church began its’ relaunch a year ago. God has brought me here. And now it is my opportunity and responsibility to make an impact on how the people that enter the doors of this church, new and seasoned, young and old, connect with God.

I am going to diligently and intentionally work to make those few moments of worship we have every Sunday morning matter.

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