Anonymous asked:

Are you against gay people?👬👭💍

That’s not an easy question to answer publicly. You put me in an awkward position, which would probably incite flame on my blog, but that’s okay.

I am not AGAINST people. I am FOR honoring God. The difference is I care to understand and love gays. It’s not my job to change people. It’s my job to tell people the greatest story of love ever told, and to extend that love to people through the way I live my life, in servitude to God, and to the least in the eyes of society. Serve those from whom I can gain nothing, and in turn, I honor God. I don’t care who you are, what you believe, what you’ve done, or where you’re from, because God has taught me that He can literally do anything that I may consider impossible.

God will work on your heart and the changing you part. He is reconciling all things unto Himself. The real questions all pertain to your stance with God.

Do you want to know the TRUTH? Will you seek the truth? If God exists, are you willing to pursue understanding and the truth? (does He exist, why did so many bad things happen, how can He be a loving God?)

I can assure you - there are answers to be found. God says seek Him with EVERYTHING and you WILL find Him. You just have to search for the truth for yourself, not anyone else.

Let’s be real. 90% of the “theological debates” require application of Titus 3:9 on my part. Verse 10-11 describe those who participate as divisive. Sorry guys but I really think we over complicate Christianity. Just follow His word as He speaks to you, seek your own salvation out, and live it. Ecclesiastes 7:14 sticks a fork in our futile attempts at “enlightenment” and self glorifying knowledge.

Stop seeking and worshiping your distinction in theological understandings (which are not new to God; He CREATED your thoughts), and stop over complicating Christianity, and stop supporting these walls that divide His church. Seek and worship Creator.

Ecclesiastes 12:12-14

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